Marianhill Awarded Highest Level of Accreditation

Marianhill Awarded Highest Level of Accreditation

Marianhill, Pembroke’s most established long-term care facility, has received notice from Accreditation Canada that it’s been Accredited with Exemplary Standing. This is the highest level of performance available, achieved by demonstrating excellence in meeting — or exceeding — all requirements of the national Qmentum program.

Throughout the fall of 2019, Marianhill underwent a rigorous evaluation process including comprehensive self-assessment and an on-site survey by external peer surveyors who assessed Marianhill’s leadership, governance, clinical programs and services against Accreditation Canada’s benchmarks for quality and safety.

The results couldn’t have been better, according to Marianhill CEO Linda Tracey who’s extremely proud of the indepth review. “It’s just so rewarding to learn that those who evaluated our work have acknowledged the commitment of our entire staff, management team and Board of Directors.”

The extensive evaluation measured Marianhill’s operations against national standards of excellence, reviewed its safety practices towards reducing potential harm, and conducted questionnaires to assess the organization’s work environment, patient safety culture, governance functioning and client experience.

“Achieving an Award of Accreditation with Exemplary Standing confirms that Marianhill has a credible quality improvement program that minimizes risk and demonstrates a consistency of service,” adds Tracey.

Marianhill was commended by Accreditation Canada for its commitment to using accreditation towards improving the quality and safety of the services it offers to its clients and the community.

“At a recent debriefing, the surveyors were extremely complementary to the entire Marianhill team,” said Board Chair Lynn Miller. “The Board is so proud of the staff and management for all the hard work and professionalism displayed not only in achieving Accreditation, but surpassing it with the Exemplary designation!”

“For the residents of Marianhill and their families — as well as our volunteers, community partners and donors — this award demonstrates that providing compassionate, competent, responsive care is our passion,” says CEO Linda Tracey.

Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets standards of quality and safety in health care and accredits health organizations in Canada and around the world.

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