Care Concern Feedback Form

Hospice Palliative Care at Marianhill

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Receiving feedback, whether positive or negative, is one of the best ways to improve the quality of care and services for the residents of Marianhill.

All residents and their representatives are encouraged to bring forward any complaints, concerns and recommendations. We value your input.

A reminder that all feedback should be addressed in a respectful manner. As well, there is no tolerance for retaliation of any form against anyone who brings forward a complaint, concern or recommendation regarding Marianhill and its services.

To File a Care Concern

  1. Download the blank form in the language of your choice:
    Resident/Family Care Concern Continuous Quality Improvement Report
    Préoccupation d’un résident ou de sa famille à propos des soins rapport sur l’amélioration continue de la qualité
  2. Complete the form using respectful language.
  3. Submit your form via:
    Email to Marianhill
    • Email to specific Manager using the Team Directory
    • Mail via Canada Post to: Marianhill, 600 Cecilia Street, Pembroke ON K8A 7Z3
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