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Love and Compassionate Care in the Catholic Tradition

Building Care — Marianhill Redevelopment Project

Marianhill is undergoing a multi-million dollar redevelopment project. Learn how you can help us improve our infrastructure while building a more inclusive and caring community for the more vulnerable members of our society.


Residential Care in Our Nursing Home

Medical Care

A resident may remain under the care of their community attending physician providing he/she…

Consent to Treatment

In accordance with Nursing Policy B008, the health practitioner determines the capacity…


A physical restraint is any device adjacent to or attached to a resident’s body that restricts…

Drugs and Medical Supplies

Marianhill cannot charge for non-prescription drugs, medication or treatment products…


Marianhill maintains a contract with a pharmacy provider. While most medications are covered…

Therapy Services

Physiotherapy services are provided to the residents of Marianhill by Bayshore, on an individual basis…

Dental Care

Good oral hygiene is important in the prevention and treatment of oral and periodontal disease…

Mobility Equipment

If and when required, the appropriate wheelchair or walker can optimize the safety, independence…

Hospice Palliative Care at Marianhill

Meet Our Board

photo of marianhill board of directors

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