Personal Services

Hospice Palliative Care at Marianhill

Photo of Marianhill hairdresser grooming a resident’s hair

Hairdressing and Barber Services
Hairdressing and barber services are available in-house by appointment, which can be made directly at the salon or via the nursing department. A price list is posted in the salon; payment can be made directly at the salon or charged to the resident’s trust account. Gift certificates are available at the administration office.

Nursing Department
Administrative Office

Housekeeping service or resident rooms are provided on a regular basis, however cleaning of closets and drawers is the responsibility of the resident and/or advocate. For the safety and comfort of the resident, It’s important to maintain closets in an organized manner.

All personal machine washable items are laundered on-site. Marianhill provides all bed linens, blankets, spreads, pillows and towels.

Personal Clothing
Upon admission and when new clothing is purchased, the family/advocate is responsible for taking all personal clothing to the laundry room to be labeled. Marianhill is responsible for the application of labels, and all cothing must be labeled. Marianhill is not responsible for lost clothing.

Dry Cleaning and Clothing Repair
The resident or family/advocate is responsible for personal dry cleaning and clothing repair. Arrangements can be made through the laundry department to have clothing sent to the cleaners and for clothing repair.

Laundry Department

Personal Furnishings
A nightstand, lamp, bed, chair and dresser are provided as part of room furnishings. For safety reasons, our building services department must approve any personal belongings or furniture brought into Marianhill by the resident. We do this to ensure there is room with the additional furniture for staff to provide proper care and to clean the room. Please limit the number of pictures hung on the walls to five, and ask our maintenance personnel to assist with this task so as to reduce property damage.

All electrical appliances such as radios, lamps and televisions must be inspected by maintenance department prior to use.

Residents who wish to install air conditioning must choose suitable floor models as window units cannot be accommodated. We ask that family members store air conditioners off-site over the winter.

$50 to install and remove personal air conditioner

TV and Internet
Cablevision and Internet are available by subscription through Cogeco. Please contact them directly to have these services installed. Wall mounted televisions are not recommended.

$100 to install flat screen TV to wall (includes installation and dismounting).
Please note that this charge will apply if a move is made to another room within Marianhill.

Mail is delivered and distributed from the nursing station to each resident’s room. Mail may be posted at the front office.Redirection of personal mail is the resident’s responsibility.

The resident or family/advocate is responsible to make the arrangements for coordination and payment of newspaper delivery services. It’s recommended that direct payments be arranged from the resident’s personal bank account.

Leave of Absence/Vacation
A casual leave of absence of up to 48 hours per week per resident is available. Please notify the registered unit staff at least 24 hours in advance to ensure medications are prepared. A vacation leave of absence of 21 days per year is also available.

Medical leave for the purposes of hospitalization is allowed for up to 30 days at a time. A psychiatric leave for the purposes of hospitalization for assessment and treatment is available for up to 60 days.

During a leave of absence or stay in hospital, the resident is required to continue to pay for accommodation at Marianhill including any services purchased (i.e. phone).

The resident may hold a bed for up to 30 days in addition to the medical and psychiatric leaves, however accommodation charges must still be paid along with a bed-holding fee. As of February 2009, the bed-hold fee is $53.23 per day in addition to the accommodation fee.

Bed holding is not permitted to extend a casual or vacation leave of absence.

If any absence exceeds the number of days permitted by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the resident will be discharged from Marianhill.

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