Criteria for Admission

Hospice Palliative Care at Marianhill

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Admission to the Marianhill Palliative Care Unit is available to clients from the community, who meet the criteria for this program. Admission is on a referral basis and dependent on bed availability.

Hospice and Palliative Care Admission Criteria

  • Must have valid Ontario Health Card
  • Must have a life-limiting illness or terminal diagnosis
  • No longer require intensive treatments such as curative intent IV chemotherapy, curative radiation therapy, complex diagnostic investigations (eg. MRI or CT) or surgical consultations
  • Approaching end of life with care needs that cannot be met in the community such as nursing or personal care needs that exceed what is provided by LHIN Home and Community Care Support Services
  • Have psychosocial, emotional and family needs that are best supported by an inpatient team
  • A Palliative Performance Scale equal to or less than 40%
  • A documented Do No Resuscitate (DNR) order in place OR goals-of-care discussion clearly documented on the application outlining the patient’s agreement to a conservative medical approach focusing on symptom management comfort and improving quality of life
  • Symptoms can be managed by Marianhill Hospice staff

Hospice Exclusion Criteria

  • Does not meet the above criteria
  • Behaviours that cannot be managed in hospice
  • Care needs that cannot be met by the services available in hospice
  • Palliative Performance Scale greater than 50% (unless admitted for respite; must have discharge plan in place)
  • Bariatric individuals

Download: Marianhill Hospice Referral and Consent to Admission Form

Director of Care

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