Marianhill Kicks Off 2021 Lottery

Marianhill Kicks Off 2021 Lottery

At Marianhill we’re kicking off our annual lottery in support of our Building Care redevelopment project. Lottery funds will go towards to purchase of furniture and equipment for the new building.

Marianhill 2021 Lottery tickets are now available for purchase through to January 31, 2021.

Each $25 ticket provides you with 69 changes to win in 2021, including:

  • Each Wednesday in 2021: $50
  • Each Month in 2021: $100
  • Special Draws Easter, Summer/June, Back to School/September: $250
  • Christmas Bonus: $500

Winning tickets remain eligible with each new draw!

Tickets purchased prior to December 11, 2020 are eligible for the Early Bird Draw on December 16, 2020 (winnings to be held until after Christmas).

Tickets are available for sale as follows:

  • Call Marianhill to order your 2021 Lottery Ticket and it will be mailed to you via Canada Post: 613-735-6838.
  • Download your 2021 Lottery Ticket order form and mail in your payment via Canada Post.
  • Drop by Frank Carroll Financial, 750 Mackay Street, Pembroke, to purchase your 2021 Lottery Tickets.

Visit us online to see if you are winner.

Thank you for supporting the Marianhill Foundation!

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