Building Care: Marianhill Redevelopment Project

Over the next several years, Marianhill’s Cecelia Street site will undergo a multi-million dollar redevelopment that will see it grow from 131 long-term care beds to 160, while improving standards throughout the facility.

To further increase access to services, the Marianhill Board of Directors has agreed to provide fifty percent of these beds as basic subsidized long-term care spaces. This means more people in need who live on a basic pension will have better access to a bed.

Successful implementation of this project will increase our capacity for quality care-giving and human dignity. That’s why we’re calling this project BUILDING CARE!

photo of linda tracey, shelly burchart, architect Michelle Lenson, Dredge Leahy Architects, Hec Clouthier
CEO Linda Tracey, Board Chair Shelley Burchart, Architect Michelle Lenson of Dredge Leahy Architects, and Building Care Campaign Chair Hec Clouthier look over floor plans for the Marianhill redevelopment project.

Architectural plans for the project illustrate a two-storey addition built onto the existing D Wing. Designed to meet new government standards, the floor plans comprise a ring of private, accessible resident rooms, public lounges, dining areas and care stations overlooking an open-air courtyard.

According to CEO Linda Tracey, “We’re redesigning Marianhill to cultivate an increased sense of belonging for our residents, families, staff and volunteers. By nurturing essential connections, studies show we improve physical health and mental well-being, and ultimately build a stronger, more vital community.”

Marianhill Foundation Leads Building Care Capital Campaign

To support this major redevelopment, the Marianhill Foundation has launched a capital campaign to encourage financial support from partners and donors throughout our community and beyond.

Foundation Chair Glenn Casey describes this as a landmark project. “Marianhill has always played a lead role in ensuring the care and well-being of the elderly and vulnerable in our community. This expansion only reinforces our mission to provide quality care close to the families of those entrusted to us.”

Announced in fall 2018, this major expansion has the support of the Ontario government, but according to Building Care Campaign Chair Hec Clouthier, true success will come with the support of the community at large.

“We have all benefited from Marianhill, whether it be a family member who receives devoted care, someone close who experienced a good and loving death, or one of thousands who have found employment with the corporation throughout its 67-year history. Marianhill is a cornerstone of our community!”

As plans for construction get underway, the Marianhill Foundation is actively fund raising in support of the redevelopment. These funds will be used to help with construction costs and updated building systems.

Building Care — How To Give

Whether you’re a private individual, a member of a local community group, or the manager of a corporation, you can contribute to the Building Care campaign:

  • Sign up to receive regular e-news updates on the progress of the redevelopment project.
  • Invite us to make a Building Care presentation to your church or community group, small business or corporation.
  • Host a community event to raise funds for the Building Care campaign.
  • Participate in an event in support of Building Care.
  • Follow our Facebook page for event info and project updates.
  • Make a personal or business donation to Marianhill Building Care. Tax receipt available.
  • Contact us to discuss how you can help with Building Care.
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