Visitors Must Provide Proof of Vaccine

Visitors Must Provide Proof of Vaccine

Marianhill, Pembroke’s most established long-term care facility, along with the rest of province has recently moved into stage 3 of Ontario’s reopening plan.

This means that fully immunized visitors to Marianhill have increased access to their family members.

Fully immunized Essential Caregivers may visit indoors (2 per visit) and outdoors (maximum 10 per visit including general visitors) and are allowed physical contact with fully immunized residents.

Fully immunized Non-essential General Visitors are allowed indoor visits (2 per visit) and outdoor visits (maximum 10 per visit including caregivers) and have close contact with fully immunized residents.

This contact may include providing support in their family member’s room or dining room, and joining in social activities.

The wearing of face masks is mandatory at all times. Fully immunized caregivers and visitors are not required to wear eye protection.

If you plan to visit a family member at Marianhill, please ensure you bring your vaccination receipts for both shots with you.

If you have misplaced your receipt, you can download it from the Ontario website.

photo of covid vaccination receipt

We thank you for helping us keep everyone safe.

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