Visiting During COVID-19

Visiting During COVID-19

As you are aware, Marianhill has experienced a notable surge in COVID-19 cases and outbreaks in recent weeks.

With the knowledge that COVID vaccination remains the best defense against COVID-19, we continue to strive to achieve a balance between protecting residents from the evolving level of COVID-19 risk, and supporting overall quality of life and the health and wellbeing of residents and their valued team members, including caregivers.

Marianhill’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy was developed based on science, current best practices, regulatory review, and public health expertise in the context of the evolving global COVID-19 pandemic, and as such Marianhill maintains that application of the precautionary principle supports mandatory vaccination of all employees, students, volunteers, support workers, caregivers, and visitors against COVID-19 in accordance with the highest level of protection medically recommended for the Long-Term Care Sector.

Vaccination against COVID-19 helps reduce the number of new cases, and, most importantly, reduces severe outcomes including hospitalizations and death due to COVID-19 in both residents and others who may be present in the long-term care environment – including our valued healthcare workers.

In high-risk settings like long-term care homes, frontline healthcare workers are at risk for occupational exposure and can also potentially transmit infection to vulnerable populations. Healthcare workers are essential to the provision of healthcare, and their absence due to illness compromises our capacity to provide the quality care and services to our residents.

With less people infected within long-term care homes, residents can enjoy the freedoms that support theirs and their family’s overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, with less COVID-19 infections, there is a decreased risk for workers and lessened impact on the workforce as a whole, resulting in reduced staffing challenges and an overall improved experience for workers.

We recognize that at this time not all Marianhill staff and caregivers have been able to receive the recommended booster to ensure the highest level of protection medically recommended for the Long-Term Care Sector in accordance with Marianhill’s COVID-19 Immunization Policy.

Based on risk analysis and with consideration to the increased risk related to both exposure and transmission, Marianhill is implementing the following temporary additional precautions to ensure the safety of our residents, staff, and others in the care environment.

The protocols for visitors to Long-Term Care facilities are designed to protect everyone at Marianhill: residents, families and staff. If everyone does their part, we will all be better protected from the COVID-19 virus.

The following documents and publications are designed to provide you with current information and policies around COVID-19 relevant to Long-Term Care facilities in Ontario.

Visiting Safely


Helpful Visitor Links


COVID Vaccine Information and Updates

For the purpose of meeting the asymptomatic screening requirements, up-to-date with COVID vaccines means having completed the primary series and received a COVID-19 vaccine (booster) within the last six months.

Source: Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care COVID-19 Guidance for Long-Term Homes in Ontario (October 13, 2022)


Caregiver/Visitor COVID-19 Education and Resources

Public Health Ontario (PHO) resources to support IPAC and PPE education and training:

Guidance Documents



Please check back on a regular basis, as this information is being regularly updated.

Be kind and stay safe!

COVID-19 Screening Tool for Long-Term Care Homes and Retirement Homes
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