Marianhill Launches Catch the Ace!

Marianhill Launches Catch the Ace!

COMING SOON: Tickets go on sale ONLINE only!

The Marianhill Foundation is launching its online-only Catch the Ace lottery to help raise funds for its multi-million-dollar fundraising campaign in support of redevelopment of Marianhill Long-Term Care.

Those familiar with Catch the Ace lotteries know that they’re a win-win opportunity for community based fundraising. The lottery starts with 52 playing cards individually sealed in envelopes numbered 1 through 52. Weekly draw tickets are $5, and with each purchase, a player gets the chance to guess behind which number the ace of spades is hidden. Until someone makes the correct guess, the prize pot continues to grow.

“Local lottery enthusiasts are familiar with similar successful lotteries hosted by other hospitals in our area. As the pot builds, so does the enthusiasm,” says Marianhill CEO Linda Tracey. “The end result is win-win for the community and the players.”

The weekly winner takes home 20 percent of the week’s ticket revenues, and if they’re lucky enough to select the ace of spades, they’ll win the progressive jackpot. The longer the lottery goes, the bigger the final pot. 

The Marianhill Catch the Ace tickets go on sale this week at Online tickets can be made by credit card only.

Each Tuesday, the weekly winning number will be announced on the lottery website, and via the Marianhill Foundation Facebook page.

The weekly deadline for online ticket sales is 2:30pm each Tuesday, and the draw will be held at 3:00pm the same day. 

In order to qualify for a chance to win the Catch the Ace lottery, the player must purchase a ticket for the current weekly draw. 

Licence #11871

Ontario Problem Gambling Hotline: 1-800-230-3505

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